A downloadable Do Something for Windows


Do Something Is An Arcade Simulation Game, Where You Get Achievement For Clicking With Mouse And Pressing Any Key.

This Game Is Very Challenging As It Is Almost Impossible To Complete All Advancements.

How To Play

  1. Click The Mouse Button Or Press Any Key To Increase Score
  2. Complete All Advancements


This Game Is Also An Open-Source Project, So You Can Remake It. Follow The Instruction Guide File For Doing It.


Special Credits To Attachment Aditya For This Project.



  • Attachment-45(Attachment Studios)
  • Attachment Aditya
  • Love2D Engine
  • Love Web Builder


  • Attachment Aditya
  • Love2D
  • Notepad
  • Paint 3D
  • Google Fonts
  • Resource Hacker Tool

Designing And Editing

  • Attachment Aditya
  • Notepad
  • Paint 3D

Window And Graphics Interface

  • Love2D
  • Resource Hacker


  • Love2d
  • Love Web Builder


  • Itch.io

Creating This Project

This Project Was Not That Hard, But Still The Amazing Fact Is That This Game Has Been Coded Within 150 Lines Of Code Under 2-Hour Time Limit. Furnishing And Finishing Took Only 15 Minutes. Only One Error Was Found And That Only For One Word. Within Two Trials The Game Was Finished. This Is The New Version Of My Old Game Infinity Clicker.


  • Windows
  • Web-HTML5

Available In

  • Itch.io

Application Information

Price : Free

Storage : 14 MB

Developer E-Mail : aditya.adigo@gmail.com

Developer Website : attstudios.wordpress.com

Install instructions

Executable Installation Instructions

  1. Download The Zip File
  2. Extract It Anywhere
  3. Open Instruction File(Inform Of Text)
  4. Follow The Instruction Guide

Love Installation Instructions

  1. Get Love2D Engine
  2. Open The Love File Using Love2D Engine

HTML Installation Instructions

  1. Download And Open HTML


Do Something-Windows-32-Bit Executable.zip 10 MB
Do Something - Play In Browser
Do Something.html 8 MB
Do Something.love 24 kB

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